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Company History
1969 Founded and introduced OS-type Vibration Isolation System
1973 Tokyo Office founded, vibration isolation systems applied in Shinjuku
Sumitomo Building, the No.1 skyscraper
1975 Set a new standard for PX-type Vibration Isolation System for pumps
1978 Field survey of Miyagi offshore earthquake and reinforcement of
earthquake-resistant design standard for vibration isolation systems
1979 Nagoya Office founded
1981 Kyushu Office founded
1983 Introduced Two-series Compound System, realizing super-low noise environment in assembling mansions
1984 Developed Alarm System for air conditioner facilities maintenance and introduced Vibration Control Systems for clean rooms
1985 Osaka Office founded
1986 Developed Vibration Monitoring System VSS and Modal Animation of
Structure Analysis System for Machine Equipment
1988 Developed Three-dimensional Vibration Control Foundation for clean rooms,
and Active Vibration Control Systems
1990 Held an commemorative exhibition of 20 years anniversary
1992 Introduced Vibration Suppression Systems for buildings (floor of long span and stairs)
1994 Developed Surgeless Spring Vibration Absorber, and equipped Os-type Vibration Isolation System as standard
1995 Developed Swing Damper Libra, a vibration suppression system of circular arc
1996 Introduced Os-type Seismic Isolation Piping System
1996 Joint venture Xuzhou-Tokkyokiki Corporation founded in China
1999 Introduced Active Vibration Control Unit 2
2001 Acquired ISO 9001 Certification (Vibration Control Department)
2002 Introduced Active Magnetic Canceller<AMC330>, Note Computer FFT and
Data Logger<RS1>, and <SBM, SBS> Systems applying swing ball theory
2003 Introduced Multi-compatible Vibration Isolation Unit<MCV, MCV-C>, and
High-reduction Vibration Isolation Mount<e Mount>
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