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The Unique Characteristics of Our Aggressive Venture
The reason why our company is named Tokkyokiki Corporation is that we wish the spirit of continuously possessing inventions, discoveries and creation can be directly linked with our company name as in Japanese 'Tokkyo' means patent. The spirit as well as the management concept of Tokkyokiki is to strive to the goal, to challenge the new creation at all times, and to keep aggressive youthfulness continuously.
Our Business Purpose
We set vibration control as our business area and actually vibration is an extremely comprehensive problem. In a certain sense, all the existing material is vibrating or has vibration properties. Therefore our business purpose is to provide total solutions, which are comprehensive and generally accepted in the world, to tailor all the vibration control problems and meet the needs of users. As a result, to gain the esteem of 'indispensable company for the society' means to make contribution to the society and to do our social duties.
The Vibration Control Area for Which Tokkyokiki Will Aim in the Future
The revolution in information technology in recent years is changing the industrial structures in worldwide range. Super-precision production and precision technologies, as the main technologies to support information infrastructure, are used everywhere where microvibration environment and microvibration control technology are under spotlight. In addition, with people's deep understanding to dynamics, vibration control area is being created here and there in more wide-ranged industries and society. Tokkyokiki Corporation, as a technical group of vibration control with foresight, will not limit itself to the existing business area and will be sure to be able to see wider business area newly created by the changing of society
Toward The Corporation of Oscillation Science of the 21st Century
The 21st Century is the century of dynamics. Tokkyokiki, as a corporation of oscillation science, will make a profound study of individual and group research abilities, continue to keep aggressive youthfulness, and aim at its own roles in the 21st century without pride and obsequiousness. Thereby the capacity of reflecting the rationality of oscillation science in research, products developing and technologies, and embodying the rationality in products or systems is very vital. When we are advancing to the frontier together with everybody, we wish Tokkyokiki will be famous for its highly acclaimed vibration control technology and we sincerely hope Tokkyokiki will be prosperous.
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