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Microvibration isolation Technology
Microvibration Measurment Record Analysis System
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Vibration Isolation Tecnology
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Vibration Isolation Technology
OS-type Vibration Isolation Systems

When we talk about the comfortable space of buildings, it is impossible to ignore the vibration generated by equipments. For offices, factories, houses, commercial facilities and cultural facilities, etc., each type of building has its own unique needs. The OS-type vibration isolation systems can shut out mechanical vibration and help to create a pleasant indoor environment.

Vibration Isolation Unit
Vibration isolation of machine equipment solely limited to mechanical bodies such as air conditioners, pumps and chiller is not enough. Pipes and ducts carrying air and water, for instance, are connected directly to vibrating equipment and can act as vibration propagation media. The pipes and ducts themselves are also capable of generating exciting forces such as pulsation
Clean Vibration Isolation System and Vibration Isolation Unit
Reduction of a small amount of impure gas in clean room during the process of semiconductor production is a crucial problem because this small amount of impure gas will affect the quality of semiconductor and cause defects due to high degree integration. Tokkyokiki is able to provide clean vibration isolation system and vibration isolation unit indispensable for film production of semiconductor production process.
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