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Microvibration isolation Technology
Microvibration Measurment Record Analysis System
Active Magnetic Canceller
Vibration Isolation Tecnology
Vibration Suppression Technology
Vibration Suppression Technology
Comfortable and Pleasant Vibration Environment
It is vital for modern buildings to provide comfortable living space for people's cultural and social life. Vibration and noise control technology is one of the significant technologies to create such space for our living environment, which is connected with a variety of living styles in a composite way.
With plentiful achievements and experience in vibration control area, Tokkyokiki's vibration isolation and suppression technologies and various products developed by these technologies are very necessary items for creating healthy and comfortable space imagined by owners and designers.
Active Vibration Suppression System
Vertical Active Vibration Suppression System
Buildings with aerobics studio will move considerably during running and jumping exercises. This type of movement depends on the building structure and it is difficult to take measures to control the movement before the buildings are finished. Vertical active vibration suppression system(AD-V) is easy to install in finished buildings without any structural alterations. In addition, it can also raise the efficiency of passive vibration suppressing devices greatly.
Horizontal Active Vibration Suppression System
Houses and apartments located next to elevated expressways are prone to sway with traffic vibration generated by passing trucks. This kind of sway makes residents living around disagreeable. The horizontal active vibration suppression system 「AD-H」, a device with excellent performance,
is designed to measure the sway-generating vibration frequency momentarily and control the sway.It not only controls the vibration from horizontal direction but also can correspond to vibration from two axes of X and Y directions.
Passive Vibration Suppression System
Vertical Passive Vibration Suppression System
Commercial buildings such as department stores and offices are typically designed to provide spacious spaces with a minimum of pillars. In structures like these with long distance between pillars, the simple action of walking can generate noticeable vibration. Vertical passive vibration suppression system(mD-V) is a device designed to reduce the vibration of vertical sway caused by walking and it can be installed in the space between girders under the floor or beneath floor gratings without occupying unnecessary space.
Horizontal Passive Vibration Suppression System
Tall, thin buildings (called 'pencil Buildings') located next to expressways are prone to horizontal swaying due to vibration from traffic (particularly large trucks). This horizontal swaying is very slow, much like the movement of a ship. The horizontal passive vibration suppression system(mD-H) is designed to minimize such low frequency vibration and usually used for towers and buildings.
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