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Microvibration isolation Technology
Microvibration Measurment, Record Analysis System
Active Magnetic Canceller
Vibration Isolation Tecnology
Vibration Suppression Technology
Microvibration Measurement, Record and Analysis Systems
Note PC-based Mobile High-performance Measurement System MRA-06X
MRA-06X is a PC-based mobile high-performance distributed microvibration measurement and analysis system.
You can use it to record signals from microvibration measurement instrument MMI-06X, monitoring vibration waves, acquire data, analyze and print all database you need. Tokkyokiki microvibration measurement instrument MMI-06X, use our unique technologies to provide low-noise, multichannel design, accurate, precise measurement.
PC-based real-time data acquisition and analysis system RS-1 is a brand new type data logger, shipped with FFT function, full of convienient display functions used in microvibration measurement.
Delivering simultaneous record of multi channel (8ch)
Offering tripartite chart of acceleration, velocity and displacement spectrum
Showing transmissibility, phase and coherence with FFT system
Showing time history and spectrum with monitoring system
Running on DC power supply as well as AC power supply
Features System Overview
●Light-weight and mobile
●Multi channel
●Three types output
 velocity and displacement
●4 steps low-pass fillter
●Tripartite chart of
 velocity and displacement
●Run on DC power supply
 as well
 as AC power supply
FFT data logger RS1
・Data acquisition and Analysis
 /RS 1 software
・PC Interface
 /NI-DAQmxTM driver software
 /USB cable
 /BNC box
 /BNC cable
 Microvibration measurement
・Microvibration gauge
・Servo accelerometer
 /Sensor cable
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